Friday, August 21, 2009

Stuff My Mother Gave Me

My Mother gave me glamour, wit and bounty tables, fresh cut flowers, Half Moon Bay and Christmas wrapping labels.

Fenton glass and recipes, singing in the car. Midnight mass, and snowball fights and banter at the bar.

Baby Ruth Bars, Weeping Willows, reading until dawn. Humming Birds and music boxes fishes in the pond.

Random acts of kindnesses, tootsie pops and rolls, band aids, candles, folding hands, and simple sounds of home.

Shiny knights in armor holding court inside my head, pretty sheets and pillows to tuck me into bed.
Bubble baths and perfumed powder, the cuteness of a poop.
Planting seeds in flower pots and smoking on the stoop.

Paintings of the ocean and a forest pink. Banana curls and baby baths in the kitchen sink.
Words to live by, incense, purpose from the pain, pebbles, crayons, paperdolls and a love for rain.

A road less traveled, a love for sex and the telephone, a life unraveled, galleries and an ice cream cone.

Savory from the kitchen wafting flavors from the brews, years of tears and candlelight and pretty little shoes.
Keys and open windows, giggles in the dark, Jeopardy, the paper and a change of heart.
Mistletoe and rosaries, white gloves and Halloween, cheesecake tote bags, Snoopy and Montana hills serene.

Tinkling bells and sisters and baby brother too; serenity prayer, and elegance, a willingness to do.
Seashells, music, coffee, pearls, a ring of black hills gold, the golden gate, a treasure chest and a story still untold.

A love for words and painted toes, failing teeth and eyes. Matching scarves and sweaters, and homemade pumpkin pies.
Books and dreams and center stage, and Cachuma Lake, Looks & schemes & lollipops a prayer my soul to take.
Elves in doorways swinging, magic, music, strife, change, sofas, pots & pans, she also gave me life.
A heart that’s full of singing, and a crystal bird, dark and scary places, a chance to now be heard.
The beauty of her eyes and laughter, chips from benchmarks made, embrace I ever after all the things she gave …. A will to make a difference to light now from the cave. ~djs


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  1. It took me a long time to find this Deb, but when I did, it was so worth the wait. Had I read this on the 21st it would have torn right through me.... now I sit here at my desk and let the tears flow unchecked, I am thankful for you... my sister. Your gift of words and the powerful way you tap into each one of us to express what we have not. It touches me to my very core, inspires me too.
    Now I know I will not wait to begin my journey of words... healing path of creative expression.
    Thank you Debra. I love you.

    Sister Susan (Eloah)