Monday, August 3, 2009

Author Biography;
Debra Joy was born in Old Hollywood California in 1961. Raised in the San Fernando Valley, her mother was a beauty queen and her father was a hair dresser to the stars. As the the oldest of two sisters and one brother. The first nine years of her young life were that of glamour, fun, and the sweetness a childhood should be. She began to take care of her young siblings at the age of nine when they tragically lost their parents to alcoholism. The sad four, were discovered alone by authorities, separated and thrown into foster care. She didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of a journey for her that would take her from the arms of contentment, and lead her through the anguish of loss and abuse unto a path of strength, discovery, purpose and hope. At 12 years old, she was first introduced to Shakespeare and became lost in the wonderment of theatre, renaissance fairs and stage. Having found success and escape through the arts, she still felt there was more to learn and became interested in metaphysics. She began to also read self help books in order to face and assist the healing of her past hardships. In her late teens to mid twenties she was married twice and had four gorgeous children of her own. However, the demise of those relationships created even more heartbreak and she began to focus even harder on her own enlightenment and self discovery. Throughout, she was able to lift her heart up with her writing and found great creative solace as well as resolve.
Since the late seventies, Debra Joy has been an inspired writer with an amazing body of work spanning from over 2000 works of poetry and over 300 songs and lyrics. ~ hayes productions

My current projects include an embodiment of songs for a few musicals soon to be championed, a handbook called Emergency Repair Kit for a Broken Heart, lyricist in company with renouned composer Richard Currier and an autobiography in hopes of assisting awareness and prevention of child abuse and abandonment. I recently became a contributor/ mentor for an independent music team called "The Collective", a group of extremly talented musicians with a desire to create change and make a difference through music and intention. Other humanatarian efforts include voluntary charity work for Clean Water for Africa, assisting in the first ever 24- hour Twitterthon with Kirstie Alley and (Aquathon). Can also be found on Twitter, posting in promotion of humanatarian efforts in various feeds and repostings in the Twitter community. So much more to come .. stay tuned..

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  1. Dear Debra Joy,

    You are a beautiful person.

    Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect,