Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Scattered Heart

I left my heart in San Francisco and in a dumpster bin
Found a piece of it in No Ho and another in Marin

In a box back stage at Poly & at the Orpheum
At the Beach in Venice and the Dresden Room

I left a trail of heart crumbs along a desert road
In a tent in the Sierras and once in a commode

On a birthing bed and in a wishing well
How many places could they go I really couldn't tell?

It took some time to scatter ... this tiny little heart
The shards like glass escape so well ... far reaching and apart

Pieces found in drawers, in some pockets and a book
Some more were found in bars, and one was on a hook!

Tell tale glimmers found in corners even as I swept
On rocks and in the ocean and in all those secrets kept.

Underneath a bed, in a dojo and a pool, another little shred was found perched up on a stool!

One was on a lounge chair taking in some sun! One was in my pillow poking me in fun.

I had to chase one down the street as it was picked up on a shoe
It kicked up dust in blinding lust and down the sewer flew!

Some were in New York, Catalina and Bel Air, off a boat in Palisades can’t take me anywhere!

New Orleans and Vegas and even Malibu, Ohio and Route 66 even got me too.

In cracks and paper bags from Puccini to the Cure, if I have them all I really can’t be sure.

I gathered all these pieces in my skirt just like a shrew, took them back to dollhouse to try to find some glue.

Pieces like a puzzle this silly mass of glass....
was spread about the dollhouse floor ... for years until at last ...

One barren summer took to bliss ... a cauldron fired up a kiss, the music wafted through the air and all my pieces brewed in there … I could see them in the pot, glistening jewels made of my lot, how long I stood there in my gaze ... in watching wonder magic glazed. It shook in violent rapture as my eyes dropped in some tears, the mixture took them captured as if purging ancient years. A surge of passion rushed and moaned ... in joyous laughter sculpture groaned. And there it was like stories told ... no more glass ... but made of gold, my heart … in love and strong to hold.


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