Friday, June 3, 2011

The Following of Fridays

Following people around is an inherent habit of the human being. It may be because we think other people know more than we do.

Or we just don’t want to miss anything. We long to be included.

We long to know what other people are doing and thinking and of course wearing, but most of all we want to know, “What are people talking about?.”
We can’t help ourselves! We are nosey. Anyone on Twitter will shamelessly admit to it.

When we were kids, we followed other kids around in school just to find out what they were doing. Some things will never change about us and that’s a good thing. We learn from each other through our watching, our listening and by following each other around!

The culture on Twitter broadens this concept of follow the leader and takes it to dizzying heights with endless heartfelt listings. It has redefined the follow factor and opened up its capacity far and beyond the 140 or less limitations. What translates in a tweet can be felt and ingratiated so out of the box it is mind blowing!

We cook dinner, and thousands of people will know about it. What used to be a single daily task is now a full blown conversation among thousands of people! What used to be the simple running of errands has now become the “I’m At The” game of “smart “nesses, social media mavens and tweetoholics.
Why do we care if someone just dropped their dog off at the groomer, or changed their mind about which grocery store to go to down the street? Because we follow them around and what used to seem to be meaningless tasks, have now become points of interest simply because we are listening. It reveals the nature of us truly, people care about people! It doesn’t matter what we are doing or where we are, we want to know about it.

So I’ll ask the question; Do these mundane pieces of seemingly meaningless tidbits of information clutter us up inside or distract us too much from our own lives? The ability to now know things about each others lives in an instant instead waiting days or even weeks, has ramped up our minds and our culture. It has a stimulating effect for more doing. As we watch others and now have immediate access to what others are doing we accelerate our own actions and behavior. We have the ability to absorb more information than we ever thought was possible in a single day. I like to call it the “Lucy and Ethel Effect”. Beyond pretending to borrow that cup of sugar just for an excuse to find out what antics Lucy was up to next, we are the Ethel’s with our ears up against the wall of humanity. Our ability to do this has afforded us opportunity to in fact assist change for human rights as has been played out right before our tweeting eyes in numerous circumstances.
Our fondness of following each other around is an essential part of our human nature and the “Following of Fridays” gives us the permission we all really wanted, to revel in it!

Happy Follow Friday Everyone! Follow me!


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