Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Shiver Runs Through It ... this cold economy

As spring reaches out to take her turn and summer totally just takes cuts in front of her, I’m feeling completely snowed in by this cold economy. Up until now, I have been a patient observer even through the downward spiral of unemployment, and the overwhelming rising price of gas, among so many other things. Now a quiver goes up my spine as I face the hard truth, it has seriously brought me down ...

and Please! I don't need a pep talk I need a *gulp* J O B.

Our culture is changing so rapidly an old school girl barely has a chance to shift gears and catch up. But you should know, I was once one of the first people that I knew, to use computers at work and now they have taken over our lifestyle. I was once a switchboard operator with cords, cables and rotary dials and now phones are attached to ear balls. Once upon a time I was a powerhouse in boardrooms, partnering people with purpose to get a project done over donuts and coffee, and now in person meetings are replaced virtual conferencing. People have forgotten what it was like to pick up a telephone and catch up, instead preferring to direct message in social media. All around my neighborhood, beloved libraries and bookstores are closing, and people are being forced into seeking content online. Even utility bills are encouraging me to go paperless. (Do you smell a through line?) After having been through identity fraud, that’s where I draw the line. Excuse me, but there has to be a balance here somewhere. Closing libraries isn’t green people. The Books Are Already Printed!

Yesterday, I went in person to a staffing agency, (they, who shall not be named) of which in the past I had amazing success with I might add, even using this agency to employ others when I needed to staff up as a manager, and was treated with complete disdain for dropping by. I was unceremoniously told I must go back online to request a meeting! By the way, the office was completely empty! It wasn’t like the line was out the door. As I went out the door I took it with a sense of humor and made the 3 girls laugh who worked there, but I could smell conspiracy. Hello!?! Really!?!

I went online and endured some difficult testing which was stunning, to apply at a store which is local to me just for convenience. Irony? Every village that was ever missing their idiot seemed to work there, meaning why not me! No response. Maybe I didn't pass the test? Over the last year and a half I have averaged thousands of online applications with only one “in person” interview. Excuse me, but there has to be a balance here somewhere. Forcing our humanity into a box ie; "Internet" is not going to make us disappear. People have to be able to afford the Internet or at least a cup of designer coffee for wi fi!

Now look, I have moved with these changes and adapted them as a part of my own life and truly feel there is huge value in technology. I'm the first in my family to champion the miracles of Twitter and what not, and I certainly don't really miss the rabbit ears on my television. But when the Internet goes down, we'll all be stranded in mid air waves, without even a book left to read by candle light at the rate things are going.

When it comes to career and looking for work, the model is completely lacking in humanity on every level with one exception, relationships. I have met some of my dearest friends in person from Twitter, which is rare. Usually if someone already knows you out of “the box" they are usually receptive to you. In the olden days, I used to go into a place and was hired on the spot. Doing this is for some reason is hugely discouraged now, but I’m brave and chase pavements regardless. Why? Because just being in the box alone is not enough to get a response! What else can a person do? Aside from blinging out my resume, or sending gifts I can't afford to potential employers, which I have also done! Somehow I believe I am not alone in my quest. I’m sure there are many of you out there trying to get your stilettos in the door just like me.

It seems my life has always been a work in progress, which is what life is really all about anyway. But through everything I’ve been through there was always one constant, work. Since the time I was 12, I worked. I worked when I was in abusive foster homes. Through several abusive relationships, I worked. When I was nursing precious babies and changing dirty diapers, I worked. I became a hero to myself and to my children because I worked. I was the man in the family. Even though my story is tragic, the results have been magnificent. I refused the hardships as destiny and forced the joy in and believed. Once learning the word "choices", I choose to be an inspiration and count my blessings in life.

I evolved and grew into my own authenticity, working smart and through hard work. It was the very least I could do for opportunity to show my gratitude for her. I often thrived by her kind generosity and was always grateful to at least be able to stand among her guests. Now with even opportunity herself standing at the back of the unemployment line, I stand watching, completely affronted at the mistreatment and flagrant disregard of my grand hostess. Both of us left to the mercy irony.

I’m done taking it on the chin now Mr. Naughty Economy, you need a time out. Don’t you dare wait till I’m homeless to help me! I’m putting you on the naughty seat and you’re not to get up until I tell you to, or you're going right over my knee! If you don’t behave I’m so gonna hurt your feelings …

People who can’t even spell economy are talking about you. You had no right to treat opportunity like a schmatta. She’s your sister!

I'll send a shiver through your monotony and find a way to employ others. Take that stimulus, I could turn you around so fast it'll make your head spin.

I'm the something from nothing girl, Remember me? *bootstraps* ...

Anyway, I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do about all this, but something, I'm definitely going to do something ...

*sigh* stay tuned ... the saga continues ...

Throughout history people have done amazing things when forced into change. It is possible for us to all work together to decide on how technology will impact our humanity. It's our responsibility.

Want to help me donate books to sad people!?!



  1. Beautifully written, by a woman who has so much to offer to the world, and the world has let her down. My heart goes out to you, Debra. The cold economy has hurt many good people. I pray for you to connect on a good job very soon.

    Jack Smythe

  2. It is in time likes these, it seems to me, that entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators are formed and launched. Whatever you ultimately decide to do, I'll be here to toast your success. xo -jas