Saturday, February 12, 2011

When "Love" is Around

When "Love" is around, I tend to let it in, no matter what fine specimen of Adonis walks in.
To the point I might as well wear a t-shirt that says "I'm with Uh Oh".
It never comes in wearing an "under construction" sign over its head,
consequently forcing the deconstruction of Debbie in its wake.
In some cases barely allowing me to escape its grasp alive!

When "Love" was around in the beginning it pursued me relentlessly. Taunting me in doorways and often sending holograms ahead of me to distract my attention, appearing to be shiny armor guys who really wanted a ride to the bus stop or their bar bill paid.
Ah love, Ah amore ... the stuff that Dean Martin is made of baby...

When "Love" is around it sends its warm surges through my veins and intoxicates me as I force my tiny feet into vintage shoes again. It quivers my spine and changes my mind and I flounce. That's right I said flounce. In all of my full on boa regalia I soar with my feathers on clouds and make breakfast.

When "Love" is around it tends to favor sports over my melting Puccini on a Saturday, as it leaves evidence of itself everywhere, shamelessly unaware.
Still I tend to sing in the kitchen, as I clean up the bacon grease and I never seem to mind massaging its neck.

But love likes to go first in the bathroom and forgets to bring me coffee.
It thinks I can carry half my own body weight uphill for 3 miles in 100 degree weather when I'm on my period... then thinks its okay to hand me a shovel when I have to use the restroom.
It likes to think I always taste like sugar, I'm made of rubber, pay my bills through osmosis and I'm always aware where its shoes are when I stumble over them.

When "Love" is around there is always a sense of adventure. As a spirited woman I embrace the antics and all of its foibles, knowing full well I won't be able to get a word in edgewise when it keeps me up past 3:00am.

Nevertheless, love itself will always be my hero. It has such a winning way in all its crooning even though it's spoiled rotten and often broke my heart.

One day it will claim me as its champion, because I’m sure it knows how hard I've held to the beauty of its loving essence, even when I had to wash the soap. ~


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