Monday, November 1, 2010

"Emergency Repair Kit for a Broken Heart"

(20 or so things you can do while you're waiting for time to step up and heal all wounds)
by Ruby Bell

My Pen Name is Ruby Bell, more to come on the story of Ruby Bell later.

Emergency Repair Kit for a Broken by Ruby Bell > Available on amazon!

"Rejection is anarchy to the human heart, blinding paths for self discovery and can put life in a stronghold"

Every single one of us has suffered from some kind of loss, or at the very least we know someone who is going through some variable of heart break. Perhaps even someone who can't stop calling you, because someone has dumped them in a cruel way.

Well after having suffered from many of my own repeated losses, I realized I just was unable to heal.

Finally, I gathered everything anyone ever told me .. and all the things I felt or needed someone to say to me during those painful times and ...

Quite by accident & then very on purpose I created this feel good hand holder for the broken heart.
It really works! I am living proof!

It has already been acclaimed by a licensed therapist and I have also been told it's something that everyone should read even if they never had a broken heart!

Please help me create awareness for the worst invisible injury on the planet - Rejection.

Book Launch party news to come soon!

Thank You all so much for your loving support.
~ djs


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  1. Any one suffer by the depression problem, if heart is broken by some one and this is serious mental problem which effect the brain.Thanks for this post,Really appreciated with this post.
    Depression after a Breakup