Friday, September 11, 2009

Feed Me .. continued

Curled up on the lap of Passion … would seem by it’s implication to be a contented place. But in fact it is quite the opposite. Having crooned me unto the lap of him, I realized my state and began to reel in laughter in the face of irony itself as well as to my house guest. “Come, you now, oh wicked one? For I was bent with repose on my steady need of NOT needing you, a discovery which was long overdue! You know this! You were there and then disappeared taking everything I so adored about you, with you. So now you come to shake me awake as if I had been sleeping. Which I was, but I had made a decision for sleep. I was pretty much the sleeping beauty of humanity, lying in wait for the desired ever lasting slumber. Sleeping has its perks you know. For one, you want for nothing BUT sleep. And in sleeping, one needs less. Which goes a very long way to having “green planet” if you know what I mean. For another it is calm. It is uneventful. Zero drama, which is highly underrated by the way. But you would know nothing of this. Isn’t this right you willful creature? So now I’m awake and compelled into longing, for longing itself. With an unquenchable need to create and to love with complete, unabashed abandon. Simply because you exist! You are enchanting me ... so enchanted I am. Perhaps, being what you are, knew this thing about me. Even knowing what glorious music will come of it among other things. You also knew full well, how I would respond to you, like a pied piper bringing others with me into your intended adventure. As it happens, my ancient friend I have. I am lit from within. Here I am on your alter of turbulent fire which is sure to consume me and I don’t care. I celebrate your mastery of human desire. For you knew I was sick, like so many others hungry and aching while sleeping, for this exact knowing ness by which you have graced my doorstep. It is the complete ecstasy of absolute passion for your sake alone. Because desire get’s exactly what it wants always. The poor human heart cannot help its desires ever. It is the trick of treat you start out with isn’t it? Even weary wounded sick, stupid dumb broken me, still could not help the desire of my own heart. How exclusively wonderful you are. Oh how you know me so well. I just want to ... ” In response to my rant I was stopped in mid sentence by the most passionate kiss I had ever tasted ... and decided to make us both dinner. …to be continued ... unsteady as she goes ... djs

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