Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Feed Me

Feed me from broken, you ancient fire … which tapped on the shoulder of my soul and shook me from slumber … the place it has touched is seared and swollen and has taken me unaware … consumed I stand now breathing nothing but desire … to what do I owe this great honor to be so visited. Angels with wings with much better deeds have less. Yet compelled, devour I ... hungrily every golden glimmer of this awakening honeyed light. Slowly traveling, these droplets by design, bleed into my quivering bones. The course they use ... appears to create rivers as they fill me and I am taken.
My captor seems to take great amusement in watching me writhe in the pain and pleasure. Whose source I cannot see clearly for my eyes, turned within ... in watching wonder. Wounds once scarred over, are now openly gaping and throb. For this nectar has opened me up. Moaning escapes my lips and surprises me. Paralyzed I try to reach for a limb, for some sense of myself and feel no hands. I am suddenly not my body and am becoming my captor’s glorious essence and fall in abandon. On the floor of this mighty kingdom I lay in complete surrender. Rushing in pulsing surges as this surgical master feels me naked, I wait in aching need. Fevers shiver as I am eagerly fed more by this ancient one. I can feel the tender hands upon me into every secret place. My body rises in urgency of its own accord. Longingly supping like a newborn in this swaddled place, a rapture of joy bursts through my skin. The power of this skillful attention to me forces my eyes up and I am plunged into the brightest blue. The gaze washes over me, as the tears purge me, into further depths … I am bathed in light and begin to dance as I am lifted above the earth high and reaching, casting colors in prisms as it coos and woos me … and in my ears a familiar voice in laughter says “see, I’m not finished with you yet."

And so I write; “Oh you elusive character. Where the hell have you been? Look, I know I didn’t come to the door when you knocked those last few times, but you had your own key. How you love the excitement of the chase. You are in fact the very encasement of a tease. But how you croon and I have missed you. It’s about time you showed up, I was beginning to wonder where you had gotten to. Planning on staying a while? I see you brought a suitcase. “Then I proceeded to curl up on the lap of Passion … the ancient universal fire, my new roommate as well as what’s for dinner … to be continued ~ djs



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